Hartford Square is an exciting new restaurant with delicious healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for relaxing dining or on the go. We are located in East Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

505 - 265 - 4933

Out of milk & bread?  Need coffee?

We are right here... a couple of blocks away, or maybe just downstairs.  Sometimes you need only one or two items to tide you over until the next big trip to the grocery store.  Or maybe you want a little something to surprise someone special.  We may have just what you need.  We have a small market with plenty of basic necessities -- and a few extra niceties as well.  We'll be working with local producers to make sure that most of what we carry comes from very close by.  You can pick up Michael Thomas coffee, Train Natural trail mix, New Mexico Tea Co. tea,  Salman Ranch's raspberry jam,  Zingtopia fruit essences, sparkling water, local sodas, juice, some seasonal produce-- and more.  And even find a unique "Bags &..." hand-sewn apron or lunch bag!